Here at Nielsen Classic Performance, we have the knowledge and the expertise to design a quality customized vehicle that will stand the test of time. The owner of Nielsen Classic Performance has degrees in mechanical engineering and automotive technology which enable him to design functionality and dependability into your specialized project. From a sharp and elegant “James Bond” sportscar to a Dukes of Hazard “General Lee,” we have you covered.

Following is a short list of SOME of the custom services we provide. There are too many possibilities to list all of them here, so please contact us with your ideas- no matter what your custom project needs, we are happy to design it for you.

-advanced engine tuning sytems
-onboard diagnostics
-aftermarket A/C systems
-suspension upgrades
-engine performance upgrades
-roll bars fabrication
-custom build frame
-air suspension
-complete custom wiring
-keyless entry/alarm systems
-fine custom woodworking
-custom paint
-chop tops
-shaved door handles
...and more!
With Nielsen Classic Performance, customization has no limits. Call today to discuss the endless possibilities!